Automatic Palletizer

Automatic Palletizer

JG JG Automatic Palletizer Compared with the traditional carton packer, JG Automatic Palletizer has the following advantages: 1> Adopting side bottle feeding: Cover a small area, simplify the conveying system before the packer and reduce the investment cost of the production line. 2>...

Product Details

Main features:

1. Compared with the traditional carton packer, this automatic palletizer adopted side bottle feeding, which covers a small area, simplifies the conveying system before the packer and reduces the investment cost of the production line.

2. With the three-level decompression: The product can be fully decompressed to align the packing head and product accurately with a packing success rate of 100%; Products are in a pressure-free conveying state upon entering the packing process, preventing the phenomenon of bottle falling.

3. The arc positioning system is very important for the machine. Its high positioning accuracy and exact movement can effectively reduce the impact and vibration during equipment operation, greatly improving the stability and reliability of equipment operation; it’s lubrication-free, maintenance-free, good sanitary conditions and long service life.

4. It offered comprise systems featuring side feeding way that comes with compact designed finish and provides for economical usage. Furthermore, these allow for advanced layer-type palletizing design and provide for table running with low power consumption. 

5. With the advanced PLC control system, it allows for array palletizing, pallet unloading, malfunction alarm and guard support, superior touch panel support for putting operator in control.

6. Our machine also featured by high accuracy, rust-proof, easy-operation and adapt to different products demand pattern, and are widely used in industry. Additionally, simple structure, relatively small parts, convenient maintenance.